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Séminaire des aumôniers, mars 2016, DR

Voici le rapport, en anglais, du Rév. Gabriel Akorli, concernant le séminaire Solidarité/Santé de mars 2016, à Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire).
Rév. Gabriel Akorli, DR

Rév. Gabriel Akorli, DR


I am very much grateful to Cevaa and all the people working in that office for the opportunity given to me to be part of the seminar.

I am also grateful to the organisers for their good work and also to the facilitators or teachers for taking the time to explain to us the role of the chaplain in the healing ministry of the church.

Lastly, I am grateful to my interpreters.

  1. The seminar was very good and appropriate for the work of the chaplain and the work of the pastor.
  2. The seminar had equipped me to relate and work better with the patients in hospital and Health centers.
  3. The seminar had also given me the opportunity to meet people of different countries and to share in the experiences especially regarding the work of the chaplain.


Séminaire des aumôniers, mars 2016, DR

Séminaire des aumôniers, mars 2016, DR

  1. I want to recommend that an opportunity be given for the formal training of the chaplains for the hospitals.
  2. That Cevaa assists the Church to develop job description for the chaplains.
  3. That Cevaa educates or suggests to our churches to develop Health policies and to budget for the work of the chaplain.
  4. That Cevaa suggest to our churches to appoint full time chaplains to the hospitals.


May God bless the work of Cevaa and those working at the office of Cevaa.


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