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[Presse] Zambie : un article sur les formations de la Cevaa

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L’Eglise protestante de Zambie, la « United Church of Zambia », parle de la Cevaa et de ses formations dans son journal paru en novembre 2015, et notamment de la formation des Animateurs théologiques de nouvelle génération qui a eu lieu à Porto-Novo en juin 2015.

« CEVAA passionately echoed this during the training programme dubbed 'Training a new generation of theological trainers' held in Porto-Novo, Benin at the Protestant Institut of Theology (CFC). Training for theological Animators was held every after 20 years. The training attracted member churches from Central Africa Republic, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Benin, Rwanda, Congo, Madagascar, Uruguay, Italy, France, Mauritius, Morocco, Tahiti, Switzerland, and Zambia.


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One of the values that were upheld in the 2015 Porto-Novo training was that, Theological reflection and research is to be done at a level attainable by everyone as these are no longer a special preserve of professionals (such as pastors, theologians and other evangelists). It is for this reason that CEVAA has embarked on a campaign of giving theology and mission back to the people of God (the ordinary members), through what it terms theological empowerment. The main objective is making their daily personal lives. The bible is to read in the light of daily, personal and community experience. This is very important if the church is going to make any impact in society.


The doctrine of Priesthood of all believers calls on all believers to be involved in the mission of the church. It was argued that theological empowerment concerns ALL the aspects of life in the church (Internal life, edification, catechesis, Biblical study, financial activity...). Theological empowerment has an intercultural dimension and the missionary perspective that includes an engagement in favor of social justice, liberation of the oppressed, peace in the world and protection of creation.


The programme was therefore meant to empower trainers who would work with ordinary members in their local congregations (in groups) by empowering them with tools which they would use to study the bible and practically deal with day to day community issues. Some of the subjects covered include: 1.  What is theological empowerment ? 2. Theological Fundamentals of Theological Empowerment and its difference from academic theological training. 3. Learn to lead a group, and techniques for leading. 4. Biblical empowerment and activities. 5. Holistic development, from words to action, see, judge, act. 6.Conflict management. 7. Diverse-talking about people who are not like us. 8. Ethics, security and use of ICTs for development, and 9. Theatre as a tool for group empowerment.


The United Church of Zambia was represented by the Synod Communication Secretary the Rev Dennis Mbita Sikazwe. The programme provides a framework for rolling out the missional congregation agenda.


CEVAA which is the former Paris Evangelical Missionary Society has been a mission partner since the union in 1965. Among the many projects that CEVAA has been working with the United Church of Zambia are: the Kaputa and Nyengo Makoma projects, Mwandi and Mbereshi Mission Hospitals and the lasted one being the Youths Exchange programme between Zambia and Lesotho. Youths from Lesotho will be visiting Zambia this year, while the Zambian Youths will reciprocate next year. This is done in the spirit of strengthening ties between the Youths of the two churches, who are truly the Church of today and tomorrow. »

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