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"It was all joy"

Here are some news of the Youth of Ghana : this letter (in English) was sent to us during the last week of December. It comes from the Youth Department of EPCG (Evangelical Presbyterian Church - Ghana), member of the Cevaa Community.
The Youth of EPCG © EPCG

GO INTO THE DEEP (Luke 5: 4)

On the 17th of December, 2017 at 9am, 29 youths and a Rev. Albert Addae of E. P. Church Ghana, Dela Cathedral embarked on an Evangelism outreach program to the people of Abutia Woeme in the Ho East Presbytery. The Journey from Ho to Abutia Woeme lasted for an hour.

The Youths and the Reverend Minister were giving a warm welcome by the Catechist and some Church Leaders.

The Evangelism Team were welcomed with a sonorous song from Good News Choir on their arrival.

Rev. Albert Addae, who was part of the Evangelism Team was given the podium to preach on the theme “ANOINTED FOR SERVICE”. He encouraged the people of Abutia Woeme to hold onto Christ and not to loose focus in worshipping, till the second coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The youth leaders from EPCG Dela Cathedral (Ho-Kpodzi) presented items including used clothing, 15 plastic Chairs, 1 Ewe Bible, 1 English Bible, 1 EPCG Hymnal and finally served the church with a breakfast.

The Church leadership and the Congregation of Abutia Woeme were grateful for the kind gesture.

The youth leaders later had interactions with the church leaders and finally departed.

It was all joy.

Written by Eyram Oforiwa WORDEKPOR from EPCG

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana has more than 150,000 members. It works in 133 districts throughout Ghana with 834 congregations and almost 200 pastors. It runs two teacher training collages, five senior secondary schools, 94 junior secondary schools, 370 primary schools, 197 kindergartens, eight hospitals and clinics, six agricultural stations, four training centres and 23 self help projects. It also runs the Evangelical Presbyterian University, a Church-based institution with special emphasis on agriculture, business management and agricultural extension Services – giving technical guidance to farmers in rural areas in order to help them increase their productivity.

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